Vegan Brownies 

Fudgy brownies with vegan chocolate drizzled on top for that satisfying chocolate craving. I mean really can there ever be too much chocolate in a brownie?


Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies  

Made with semi sweet Callebaut chocolate chips and real vanilla. Guarenteed to curb your cookie cravings.


Vegan Ginger Cookies 

Always fresh ingredients make these vegan cookies hard to stop eating. Ginger and Spice makes everything nice :)


Vegan Carrot Cake   

*Locally sourced carrots and apples to make this cake as fresh as possible. Raisins have been added for the perfect texture, combined with a cashew vanilla icing, makes the classic flavour hard to resist.

*special order only 7", 8", 9" cakes available.


Vegan 5" Tarts (mini pies)

Pecan with homemade date, caramel, apple and other seasonal flavours. Great for a personal after dinner dessert or get two different ones and halve them with a guest to try them both..

Sweets and Treats

Vegan Croissants

Soft and flakey, either plain or covered with delicious topping or filled  with delicious Daiya mozza "cheese". YES, they are as good as the regular croissants! Only NOW they are cruelty free!


Vegan Chocolates  

A rich dark semi-sweet chocolate, filled with seasonal delights. The date Caramel Pecan are the favourites thus far and will be available through out the year.


Vegan Mini Cheese Cakes  *while supplies last

A 4" mini cashew based cheese cake, a nut and date crust, some with  little layers of chocolate between the two. Flavored with local berries or a double chocolate layer. Mix and match boxes are available a variety of flavours.  

*Order for home and keep in freezer to enjoy whenever you feel. Minimum order of 10. Cakes upon request 7", 8", 9".


Vegan Energy Balls  

Energy dense goodness to satisfy your snack craving. Packed with organic peanut butter, chia seeds, oats and topped with the perfect amount of chocolate.


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