Here in Victoria we are blessed to have so many local farms all around us. Supporting our local farmers is something I feel very passionate about, as they provide the freshest ingredients for the best tasting and highest nutritional value to foods. Seasonal flavours are inspired by what is being harvested, and are available while supplies last.

Working with fresh local food is very creatively inspiring, allowing us here at Vegan Yum to have a variety of delicous treats at all times.


I grew up on a mostly plant based diet with locally sourced, garden grown foods. I love eating fresh colourful food both sweet and savoury.

   My sweet tooth definitely enticed me to focus on creating healthy sweet alternatives to classic desserts: chocolate being one of my favourites, especially paired with a cup of coffee in the afternoon after coming in from the garden.

   I found that many of the sweets I was purchasing were either very expensive or had high glycemic sugars which were unhealthy Truthfully I didn't feel very well after eating them. I began my studies of raw food chefs/diet and creating plant based 'cheese' cakes, chocolates and cookies.. Yes, all these are very delicious, nutritious and satisfying. But they can be quite time consuming to make and I craved greater variety. I started to experiment more with plant based desserts instead of restricting to the raw foods diet and found my creativity and passion for food blossomed into Vegan Yum!

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